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Monday, March 15, 2010

Time to get to work

My years of playing with and collecting fiber, have found an outlet. How did I even find the web site with 100% wool dryer balls four days ago. I don't know but it has me winding yarn and digging through old stash like I am mining for gold. Now a lot of the fiber I have is not wool, but there is more that is then that isn't. The techniques for creating these dryer balls is completely within my range of skills and tools that I ready have on hand. Better yet, I can even imagine a target audience of customers who would like to buy these from me. That has always been my stumbling block before. I know store that I would like to sell them to, I know trade shows that I would like to attend, and I know places that I would like to travel to sell them. I can do this and I am looking forward to the adventure of it. Yeah. - Mel